ROW80 Check – In 02/05/2012

The good news is that yesterday I finished Chapter Three of Emily Swann.  Today I took the cat to the vets, booked a blood test and a diabetic check for Gary, took my phone back to the Carphone Warehouse because it wasn’t working (the nice man managed to fix it), read another chapter of The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, figured how how to get Facebook and Twitter on my new phone, worked out how to make and receive phone calls too!

What I didn’t do is write one single word of Emily Swann.  I did do my 750 words and this blog.  Its typical that it is the most important thing that is a bust.  I don’t know why I feel such reluctance to work on my novel but as soon as I sit at the keyboard I start thinking ‘Oh, I’ll just check my e-mail’ and then I read a few blogs and check Facebook and Twitter and before I know it most of the day is gone.

I know that for most other writers this will be like hearing the same old song.  Sometimes I wish my foot would reach round so I could kick myself in the pants!  Its one thing knowing the right thing to do and quite another thing to actually do it!  Any tips or suggestions on how to beat back my resistance and just write will be well received.


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check – In 02/05/2012

  1. I can’t offer a real “suggestion” per se, Janet, but I can say something that HAS worked for me in the past. Try typing back in the last paragraph or two of Emily Swan at the start of your new screen. Don’t copy and paste… Type it in, just as you had it before (or, if inspiration strikes and you see a way you want to change it, do that). The same if you work with pen and paper… This may help get your mind back into the story.

    Also, “waste time” by writing a bit of a scene in the POV of another character (even a minor one). Find details you hadn’t explored… Sometimes this works for me too.

    I hope these might help you.

    How’s the Widget’s check-up go?

    • Thank you for the advice Eden. You’ll be pleased to know that Widget’s blood sugar has gone down from about twenty one point something to about fourteen point something which is a great improvement!

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