ROW80 Check – In 13/05/2012

After saying I wouldn’t do I gave in to temptation and signed up for 750words.  Not only did I start doing it but I signed up for the monthly challenge, am on a thirteen day streak so far.  Have also finished chapter four of Emily Swann and finished reading The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad.  I’m trying to catch up with all the classics that I missed but if I had known when I started reading that all three of the central characters were going to end up dead I don’t think I would have finished.  A good book but depressing.

I am actually falling behind on my 50/50 challenge.  I’m so far behind with the films I’ve practically given up and I’ve read only fourteen books so far this year.  Part of the trouble is that I keep picking up new books and starting those when I should be concentrating on finishing the ones I’m already reading.  So I have decided not to start another new book until I finish at least one of the ones I’m reading.

But as Alberta said, at least the sun is shining!

If…An Alternative Version

This is part of my showcase Saturday where I showcase some of my work.  I originally wrote this poem as a joke.

If… Revised

If you can stare at drill bits all around you

And not get bored by all the staring too.

If you’re happy when gadgetry surrounds you

But shopping for clothes always makes you blue.

Do you spend hours discussing speakers?

While chatting down the pub with your mates;

Arguing about woofers and tweeters,

And staggering home one over the eight.

Do you dream of playing electric guitar

In a band that’s really cool?

Do you spend all of football practise

Arguing about the offside rule?

Does every little difference of opinion

Turn into a four hour debate?

Do you consider your local your dominion

And always call the barman ‘mate’?

Would you rather submit to torture

Than talk about the way you feel inside?

Do you consider asking for directions

To be an insult to your male pride?

Do you consider a game of poker

To be strictly for the boys?

As you find yourself growing older

Do you buy more expensive toys?

Do you think women make bad drivers

But never tell her how you feel?

Do you buy crap down the market for a fiver

And boast about how you got a deal?

Do you dispute every ref’s decision

Unless it means your team has won?

Do you hog the remote for the television?

Then you know you are a man, my son!

Sorry guys but at least some of it is true!

ROW80 Check – In 06/05/2012

A pretty productive week, especially towards the end.  I feel as if I’m getting into my stride again.  Did three and a half pages yesterday and about three today and have finished chapter four on my typewriter.  Still have to edit it on to the computer, then I print it off on to a hard copy, read it through and use a pen to mark mistakes, typos and things I don’t like.  Then I go back and edit it again on the computer.  So each chapter gets typed on the typewriter, then on the computer, then printed off and read through and then typed again.  Hopefully this will make Emily Swann the best novel I can possibly make it.

Its time consuming and it would be quicker if I edited it less but I want to do a really good job.  I would hate myself if I rushed it and produced something that wasn’t the best I knew it could be.  So I’m continuing to do it my way and it seems to be working.  Only have another thirty two chapters to go!!!!!!!!!!!

I should mention that I have already written/typed out Emily Swann three times before doing this edit so at the moment it seems never-ending.  Have being having fun fiddling with my new phone; I might even learn how to work it if I keep trying.  Still haven’t figured out how to send and receive texts but I did manage to switch the flash on on the camera.  One step at a time.

Oh, in case I forget, Widget is well.

ROW80 Check – In 02/05/2012

The good news is that yesterday I finished Chapter Three of Emily Swann.  Today I took the cat to the vets, booked a blood test and a diabetic check for Gary, took my phone back to the Carphone Warehouse because it wasn’t working (the nice man managed to fix it), read another chapter of The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, figured how how to get Facebook and Twitter on my new phone, worked out how to make and receive phone calls too!

What I didn’t do is write one single word of Emily Swann.  I did do my 750 words and this blog.  Its typical that it is the most important thing that is a bust.  I don’t know why I feel such reluctance to work on my novel but as soon as I sit at the keyboard I start thinking ‘Oh, I’ll just check my e-mail’ and then I read a few blogs and check Facebook and Twitter and before I know it most of the day is gone.

I know that for most other writers this will be like hearing the same old song.  Sometimes I wish my foot would reach round so I could kick myself in the pants!  Its one thing knowing the right thing to do and quite another thing to actually do it!  Any tips or suggestions on how to beat back my resistance and just write will be well received.