ROW80 Check – In 29/04/2012

An up and down week, yesterday I did nothing at all but today I have managed two pages of Emily Swann plus the 750 words thing plus this so I’ll chalk that up as a success.  Doing well with the reading; I wish it was as easy to write!  I think we all become writers because we love books and reading and it just develops out of that.  I remember reading The Wizard of Earthsea when I was still at school and absolutely loving it!  Its still one of my favourite books.  The stupid teacher I had to report back to didn’t believe I’d read it until I gave her chapter and verse of the characters and the plot!  She said she thought it was too difficult for me; guess again sister!

But anyway, still struggling with Emily Swann.  I am making progress but like a snail with a wooden leg its coming on really slowly.  Haven’t been blogging every day, forgot to write my diary yesterday as well so that’s a bust.  The only thing I’ve done consistently every day is read.  Have managed to read a poem every day and other stuff too.  Did sign up for a web site called She Writes; it looks quite good but I need to investigate further.  This is a picture of me with Remmie (my Remington typewriter).

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