ROW80 Check – In 25/04/2012

Oh no!  For the first time since I joined ROW I missed a check-in!  On Sunday I kept thinking “Oh I’ll do my check-in later” and the net result was that it didn’t get done at all.  Been really struggling with Emily Swann.  Have done the occasional page but not nearly enough.  I’ve just been feeling really apathetic.  Everything seems too much effort.  Thankfully, felt better today so I finished typing up chapter three.  I just have to revise it on the computer now.

Also my printer cartridges finally arrived so I was able to print out chapters one and two and spot all the typos I’d made!  But at least I think I’m making progress again.  Its funny that in the last round of ROW I gave myself more goals and in this round I have less but I’m achieving a lot less as well.  I stopped blogging every day but I think I might start doing that again.  I used to do my blog for about half an hour and then spend about an hour on my novel.  I guess I used the blog as a kind of warm-up which seemed to work.

I’ve stopped writing my diary every day as well so I think I need to start doing that again.  I’ve also reduced my amount of reading to one poem a day; not sure about changing that.  Before I was reading two poems a day but I found I was just skimming and not really taking them in so I might just stick with the one for now.

So the changed goals are every day I will: work on Emily Swann, read at least one poem, write a blog post, read at least one chapter of a book (any book) and write my diary.

On a very positive note, my cat Widget had an appointment at the animal hospital today and her temperature has gone down and her blood sugar has gone down as well so she’s well on the way to recovery!

3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check – In 25/04/2012

  1. Great to hear that Widget is doing well. Hopefully you will be able to take her off the medicine too. Complete recovery….

    As for the goals… I do get it. Sometimes the hectic pace actually holds us to our higher standards. It’s almost as if the pause to “rest” feels like a license to trying slack off. But you seem to have everything now in higher gear again. I do think giving yourself some kind of daily measure helps. I personally can’t do the blog thing, but I do use the 750words. It’s that little daily nag that says “do something”…. I guess we all need that some times.

    Hopefully you will be fully back on track by tomorrow (since I’m writing this comment the day before the next check-in). 😀

    • Thanks for your support Eden. I’m still struggling making all the goals I’ve set myself but I am doing better than I was. Widget and I are still on speaking/squeaking terms which is good and she still comes to me for cuddles.

      • Awww! Wonderful to hear that you both are having happy times. I get so sad when I lose out on kitty hugs.

        As for making goals… I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I wish I had a personal assistant who would just give me ever increasing nudges when I start slacking off… (or more often, not “slack off” but get overwhelmed in one area to the expense of all else…. I guess that’s why we have this challenge though.)

        Good luck to you for the upcoming weeks. May they be filled with kitty purrs and lots of words.

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