Chasing cats, shopping and writing.

When we picked up Widget from the Animal Hospital yesterday the vet gave us some medication for her.  I love the relaxed way that the vet said you need to give her these tablets and an insulin injection.  I thought fine, I’ll just borrow a tracking team to locate her and the Israeli army to wrestle her to the ground first then, shall I?

So last night at about eight o’clock Gary held a wriggling squirming cat while I managed to force three pills down her throat and then give her an insulin injection.  About ten minutes later Gary found a soggy pill on the carpet so we had to grab her all over again and force the last pill down her.  We’re supposed to give her the insulin about every twelve hours so I got up at about eight the next morning (early for me!) especially to give her her jab and tablets.

Nothing doing!  She saw me coming and shot off like a flash of lightning on legs!  I chased her downstairs when she doubled back and shot back up the stairs with me puffing behind.  She then bolted under the wardrobe somewhere.  I couldn’t even see her less still get her out so I had to just leave her there because we had to go out.

We got back about half past ten and she came to sniff the shopping bags and see if we’d got anything for her so we grabbed her straightaway and managed to adminster all the pills and the injection.  But we still have to do it all over again this evening!

Did manage to finish the second chapter of Emily Swann though.  Started on chapter three but only managed half a page before Widget came down demanding some food.  Let her out in the back garden, put some washing on and changed her litter and that’s been about my day so far!

5 thoughts on “Chasing cats, shopping and writing.

  1. Haha, great job still getting some stuff done even with the cat chasing. I’m pleased to say that at least trimming their claws has become a blissfully one person job, but I fear the day when the cats need medication for anything again. There’s a lot fewer places for them to hide in the current place, though.

    And, hey, at least you’re getting some extra exercise?

  2. I actually told my vet the last time she suggested medicating my cat, that I wouldn’t do it, even if it meant shortening her life (it did, btw). I said that the vet was welcome to come over and make sure she got her medicines on schedule

    Thing is, I had had a cat that I had to medicate for almost two years before he ran away, and I watched and experienced the gradual destruction of our closeness, from an animal that loved everyone and was always parading into the room for attention to this crying, terrified cowering thing that wouldn’t even come out for him food if he thought someone might see him. He had a disorder that had required lifetime medicating however, so I couldn’t let him stay at the vet.

    Hopefully you can get through this qucikly. Even when animals sense we love them and mean them no harm, it’s hard to trust or appreciate being grabbed, held and forced medicine. And it’s not just animals… a lot of people don’t like it either.

    (Sorry about the rant, Janet. I know you love your Widget and just want to get her to the other side of healthy. Have you tried crating her in the house for a while?)

    • Went upstairs and sat with Widget this morning and just cuddled and stroked her. I don’t want the only times she sees me to be when I’m trying to shove pills down her throat. Gave her her pills this morning and now she’s sulking in the garden. I do worry if it will make her hate me. Gary is disabled so he can’t chase after her so its me who always seems to be the bad one and it does upset me. We’re both hoping her diabetes won’t be permanent. She has an appointment at the vets this afternoon so we’ll have to see how that goes.

      • Sounds good…. She needs you and love time. Maybe your vet can suggest some dietary changes to help her. I’ll keep my paws fingers crossed that another more family-friendly solution can be found.

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