ROW80 Check – In 18/04/2012 The Cat’s Much Better!

Picked up Widget (see above) from the Animal Hospital today and she’s sooooo much better.  Gary and I are both so relieved because last Friday it looked like she wasn’t long for this world!  Now she has a bandaged paw and a shaven belly but apart from that she seems okay.

Gary and I have both been having trouble sleeping because we’ve been so stressed worrying about her.  Now at last I feel that things are getting back to normal.  Did two pages of Emily Swann yesterday  and managed one page on Sunday so it hasn’t been a total washout but it hasn’t been that great either.

My new goal is to edit at least one chapter of Emily Swann a week.  Until Friday when Widget became ill I was on target for that one but obviously I’ve slipped behind a bit now.  I’m not beating myself up for putting the health of my little Widget before my long term writing goals because I believe what I did was right and I’d do it again exactly the same way if I had to!

5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check – In 18/04/2012 The Cat’s Much Better!

  1. So glad to see she’s better. You certainly shouldn’t regret taking time off for her. Our cats are family. (My husband still is stunned at how much I get invested in my cats–how I married a non-cat person, I’ll never know…although when our little Fluff died from FIP he needed to take a day off to just play with her brother and scritch him, so….it’s a matter of the “right cat” maybe?)

    Anyway, good to know your family is getting back together and that all your clothes will once again have a distinct black fuzz to them. Oh, and that you’re getting back on track with your writing. 😀

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