ROW80 Check – In 15/04/2012 Struggling with a sick cat!

This week started great but has deteriorated really quickly.  On Friday our beloved cat Widget was sick three times during the day and by Wednesday night was so poorly she had to struggle to get upstairs.  So Saturday morning Gary and I took her straight to the vet.  The vet said she was so poorly she needed immediate hospital treatment so we rushed her up to the animal hospital.  They said they needed to do some blood tests and they’d ring us when they had the results which should take about an hour.

I was weeping when I handed Widge over to the vet at the hospital and Gary was crying so hard on the way home he could hardly drive.  When the vet rang I leaped on the phone.  They said that Widget had pancreitis and possibly diabetes as well.  She was very ill and had to be put on a drip.  On Saturday they just kept her on the drip to get her fluids up and they said they’d start the treatment today.

What happens next depends on whether she responds to the treatment.  The vet said that she might not respond to the treatment which would leave us only one horrible alternative.  Hopefully that won’t happen.  Obviously we’re both hoping she makes a full recovery but we mustn’t delude ourselves to the difficulty.  She is not a young cat either.  The vet kept saying the treatment was going to be very expensive and it made me want to scream at him “I don’t care about the bloody money; I just care about the cat!”

Because of all this I have not got much writing done.  I managed just over a page yesterday but that was all.  Not surprisingly, I was not in the mood.  Have done bugger all today as well.  I can’t really concentrate.  As you probably know, I can’t have children but its bad enough having a sick pet; I don’t think I could cope with a sick child!  The worry is just so stressful!


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