An orbituary.

This is a picture of the cat that belonged to my sister’s ex-flatmate and best friend Melanie.  The cat’s name was Jelly and she was a lovely little cat.  Unfortunately she got cancer and she died yesterday morning.  She had a tumour in her stomach, poor thing.  My sister and her fiancee battled through appaling traffic on Sunday to see Jelly one more time.  Almost the moment after they left Jelly seemed to give up.  She had some sort of seizure and died early on Monday morning.

I believe all cats are psychic and I think Jelly was hanging on just to say goodbye to my sister.  Jelly was a lovely little cat who loved chicken and shiny baubles.  Every year my sister would put the Christmas tree up and Jelly would bat all the baubles off the tree with her paws and chase them round the living room!  I looked after Jelly for a short while when my sister and Melanie were on holiday and Jelly acted as if she was afraid of me until I came back from the fish and chip shop with freshly cooked fish.  Then she mobbed me!  And mewed so piteouslyly that I ended up giving her most of my fish!

She had many nicknames including skitty kitty, jelly cat and, my personal favourite, Jellicle Cat, from the T.S. Eliot poem about Jellicle cats.  If you know the poem, you’ll remember that it says Jellicle cats are black and white just like Jelly was!

Goodbye Jelly!  Everyone that knew you loved you!


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