ROW80 Check-In 18/03/2012

It’s been a strange week this week!  I have hardly written at all and as far as my writing goals go I’ve done really badly but I’ve done so well elsewhere that I just don’t care.  I’ve worked on Emily Swann only one day since Tuesday and that’s been today.  I haven’t written my diary, I didn’t blog yesterday because it was late and I was tired and I couldn’t be bothered.  The only daily goal I’ve kept up with is the reading two poems – so check that off the list!

But on Saturday I attended a business woman’s conference run by the fabulous Cathy Dean    She’s a life coach and she specialises in helping women who reached a certain age and are now thinking ‘help, this isn’t where I wanted to be’ or ‘what am I supposed to be doing now?’  It was a really fabulous day and I really enjoyed it!  I feel so motivated and wonderful now.  More importantly, I’ve realised two things.  Firstly, I’ve always labelled myself as shy and used that as an excuse for underachieving but every woman on the course said to me ‘but Janet, you don’t come across as shy at all!”.  So okay world, I have an announcement; I’m not shy!

Secondly, I’ve realised that I can market and present myself very well.  I don’t make a fool of myself in public every time I leave the house, contrary to my expectations.  I am as clever and wonderful and everybody else is and I don’t need to feel ashamed or hide away from the world.  It’s very exciting and a very liberating thing.  I’m really really really glad I went to that conference!


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