ROW80 Check-In 11/02/2012

Had a very good week; on Thursday did three and a half pages of Emily Swann, Friday did three pages and Saturday did three pages so I’m really pleased with my progress!  Did the poems, diary and blog everyday thing.  Finished another book, The Eye in the Door by Pat Barker, for my 50/50 challenge.

Also started a newspaper called Janet Parfitt’s Writing Rag on Paper.Li

I’ve noticed today that to be successful everybody has to become a brand so this is part of my branding!  I still don’t have a website but I do have a domain and I was hoping to pester/persuade my prospective brother-in-law, the fantastic Andy Cater, to set one up for me!!!!  We’ll have to see about that one!  If not I might be able to get the equally fantastic Laurie Booth to do it for me.  I’m so lucky to know all these people with their wonderful technical know-how because I’m a complete dunce at that sort of thing!

Even managed to clear up the garden a little bit.  It certainly needs it because at the moment it looks like Johnny Weissmuller should be swinging through it shouting “On-gowa” at the elephants!  Did half an hour in the garden yesterday and another half an hour today.  I can’t clear it all in one day because it would be too much so I thought if I do a little bit everyday it should eventually get done!


7 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 11/02/2012

  1. I love the idea of these papers – I like that yours has activity from #amwriting – trying to get a handle on the while twitter thing, so that is one I check out now and again.

    Envious of your time in the garden…can’t wait to get back to mine, thought I did get all the prep work done for my inside seedlings this weekend.

    Your update made me antsy for spring up here.

  2. I have never heard of Paper.Li but it looks really interesting. I will have do some poking.

    Nice work on the goals, sounds like you’ve had a good week! 🙂

  3. Hey, great to see your making excellent progress on your goals, it certainly has been a great weekend for getting out in the garden… we should make the most of this sunshine since it is our British summer as it were.

    Web development is fun and can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be… if you need a reliable hosting provider… please keep me in mind ;).

      • Sorry, essentially it means the person that puts your website online… i.e so when I go to I see your web page rather than a parking page 🙂

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