ROW80 Check-In 07/03/2012

A very good start to the week; have typed eight and a half pages of Emily Swann in the last three days!  Feeling very chuffed with myself!  Still having a bit of trouble with the descriptive passages; basically I just forget to put them in.  I finish typing for the day and read back what I’ve written and I realise I haven’t described a thing!  There’s no description of what the people look like or what they’re wearing, no description of the setting that they’re in; I just forget about it!  What I love is dialogue and action and I tend to barrel away on those and not realise till later that I haven’t described anything!

So between the lines I’ve handwritten ‘describe this’ and ‘describe what she looks like’ etc as notes to myself so hopefully when I type the next draft I’ll see and remember to put some descriptive passages in!

Have done the usual blogging, reading poetry and writing diary goals; don’t really have anything else that’s exciting to report except for the fact that our phone (land-line) finally got fixed today!  It’s been out of order since just after Christmas last year and Virgin (our supplier) have been hopeless.  The engineer fixed our phone socket but the phones in the house still weren’t working.  It took the presence of the wonderful Laurie Booth (thank you Laurie!) to fix the phones in the house, but he got it all working.


5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 07/03/2012

  1. Wow! It seems I have found someone who writes like me! I really never describe anything in my writing (I think because overly descriptive narrative annoys the hell out of me). Still, I need to throw a little more in.
    Glad your phones are working.. keep up the great work!

  2. I say as long as your story is moving along, go with it, but I’m probably in the minority with this point of view. Yet, there is something to be said for really knowing one’s story and writing to it first and then going back and really putting all of it together. Everyone writes differently, I suppose, but I do a lot of revision in all of my writing.
    Glad to hear you have a phone line!

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