ROW80 Check-In 04/03/2012

Woo Hoo!  Have made significant progress on Emily Swann!  And did it in a typical ROW way ie by changing and adapting all my plans because they weren’t working.  The plan was to finish the second draft of Emily Swann by St. Patrick’s Day but my progress was getting slower and slower and I couldn’t understand why I was finding it so hard!  It wasn’t until I abandoned the second draft and started on a third that I realised that the second draft wasn’t working because it was crap!  And inside of myself I knew it was crap which is why I didn’t want to work on it.  Since I’ve (metaphorically) thrown the second draft out the window and started on the third my progress has been great!  Did three pages in one day and the whole book is clearer and has turned from a gooey morass into a structured story in front of my eyes!  In just one day!  I still can’t believe it!

The change came when I got my new manual typewriter, which I have christened Remmie because he’s a Remington, working.  As all writers know every way of working has a different rhythm; it’s a whole new ball game to type on a manual typewriter and it’s so different from a computer keyboard or laptop.  And writing by hand is a different thing again.  So little Remmie is doing my third draft with me and so far(!) it’s going very well!

Other goals are on course; should mention that I’m doing very well with reading other people’s blogs and commenting on them.  This isn’t one of my official goals but I do it anyway.  Every Wednesday and Saturday I read all the ROWers blogs that come up on Facebook and comment on the ones that don’t require an inside leg measurement before you type!

Watched another film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, for my 50/50 Challenge.  Have persuaded Gary to make Thursday night ‘Film Night’ so if we don’t go to the cinema that week we’ll watch a film at home instead.


10 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 04/03/2012

  1. So glad, Jane, to read that you are making progress on Emily Swann. It does seem to take perseverance and then, the clouds clear. Good, good for you! All the way around, you are doing so well with your goals.

    Remington was always a favorite brand of manual typewriters for me. I, too, know their merit, although of late, I lean toward pen in hand.


  2. How awesome! I’m glad things are going well. Sometimes, you have to give up on something in order to move forward. It can be hard to do. Looks like you were able to get it done and get on with your work. Cool. All my love to Remmie. 🙂

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