Showcase Saturday – Haiku



Blue grey dawn light creeps

Across the world stealing night

Away from the moon.


Traffic noise humming

And rushing past the window

Like urban thunder.


Snowdrops on the bank;

Flecks of white petals bursting

From winter’s prison.

Here are three haikus that I wrote when I was doing a creative writing course with the open university.  Before I did that course I always thought of myself as a poet who sometimes tells stories but I discovered that I got the best marks for my stories so now I tend to think of myself as a story-teller who sometimes writes poems.

As I’m sure you know, haiku is a Japanese type of poem where the first line is supposed to contain five syllables, the middle line seven syllables and the last line is five syllables.  A classic Japanese haiku should also contain a reference to the season.




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