Aqua Italia

Yesterday Gary and I went out to lunch to a restaurant in Bath called Aqua Italia.  It’s in Walcott Street at the top end of Bath.  We managed to find somewhere to park and went in; it’s quite big inside with two impressive looking chandeliers but I was a bit disconcerted to see lots of empty tables.  There were only two tables occupied; three by the time we’d sat down.  The service was good with the waitress taking our coats and not pestering us too quickly to order.

They were doing a special deal where you could have two courses for £11 so we both went for that.  I had a tomato salsa thing for starter; there were three types of tomatoes, red cherry ones, yellow cherry ones and sun-dried tomatoes and it was served with buffalo mozzarella.  Gary ordered the garlic bread; we were both a bit knocked out when it came because it was huge!  There was a big dinner plate covered in a round garlic bread the size of a large pizza and it was proper garlic bread with big bits of garlic you could actually see.  Neither of us were going to be attacked by vampires for a while, that’s for sure!

I had the salmon for my main course.  It was well cooked and nicely presented but I wasn’t terribly fond of the sauce it came with.  The consistency of it was like a thick congealed custard, it tasted a bit of lemon but it was okay but not spectacularly good.  Gary had a pork chop with kidney beans and fried cabbage and he really enjoyed it!  It wasn’t a small chop either.  The portions were very generous and it looked good too.  We definitely plan to go again and next time I want to look at the sweet menu though it was so quiet in there that I worry that it might close down soon.  They can’t have been making a profit that lunchtime.

Gary and I seem to have a habit of finding places that we like to eat out only for them to close down or change hands and get ruined.  We went to a place in Los Angeles once called the Mayor’s Parlour (the Mayor owned part of it) and had a meal we both enjoyed only to find out that it was closed down a week later by the Environmental Health!


2 thoughts on “Aqua Italia

  1. Don’t worry about having eaten at the Mayor’s restaurant. It was someone at the Health office mad at the mayor. The closed our work cafeteria which was three blocks away an hour before our big Thanksgiving feast over the same thing. It was political not health problems.

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