ROW80 Check-In 29/02/2012

Happy Leap Year to all writers, ROWers and lovely people in general!  Had the usual mixed week.  Since Sunday I have done four and a half pages of Emily Swann; so it’s coming along like a snail with a wooden leg!  The reading, writing and diary goals are being met.  Did manage to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award and finally did a version of a guest post; hasn’t been published yet.  Been meaning to do both of those for a while and have been putting them off so it’s nice to have them not hanging over me.

Been having trouble with this writing hour because I re-set the time to 3p.m. but that’s okay and it works quite well when I’m in the house but if I’m out and I miss it I just think ‘oh well’ and abandon writing for that day with the infamous words ‘I’ll do it tomorrow instead’.  So I think I need to arrange two writing hours; one at 3p.m. and another at 8p.m.  I’ll give myself the option of using one or the other at first.  If it goes well I might try doing both but I don’t want to promise too much and then fail miserably.  Can anyone fail happily, I wonder?  Just a thought.

Have signed up to be an editing buddy for another ROWer but we haven’t started yet because she’s having computer trouble.  I’m glad it isn’t just me!


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 29/02/2012

  1. Great idea! I’ve scheduled time for writing, but I inevitably get distracted, usually with lessons or volunteer work. What I wouldn’t give for a day without emails or phone calls! Such a sweet dream!

  2. Editing buddies are always good to have. I’ve been blessed with a few of these rare and magical creatures in my lifetime…. Still amazes me when I manage to find one. 😀

    And it is so very energizing to have a few things off the mental plate, isn’t it?Glad that’s happening for you (somewhat).

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