Introducing Showcase Saturday!

Showcase Saturday is where I am going to showcase my creative writing.  This will be mostly poetry but sometimes it might be other things.  Today’s contribution might be a little controversial but I’m going to do it anyway.  Firstly, I have to warn you that this poem does contain some swear words so if you’re offended by profanity then don’t read the rest of this post.

This poem, entitled “Let’s hear it for the critics” was inspired by a very nasty review I got when I posted one of my poems online.  Someone, I thought very unconstructively, really ripped it to my poor little poem and because I am probably hyper-sensitive I got upset.  All writers understand the need for criticism and all writers in their heads know that any criticism of their work is not, or should not be taken personally.  But in our hearts it can be a different story.  My  difficulty with taking criticism is one of the things that has held me back and stopped me from putting a lot of my work out there in the big wide world.  So this is a slightly humorous look at the relationship between the writer and the critic.


Let’s hear it for the critics

Who understand our art.

What expertise they seem to have;

What brains, what talent, what heart!

How many literary techniques

They have undoubtedly mastered.

But they’ve given me a bad review;

How I hate those fucking bastards!



4 thoughts on “Introducing Showcase Saturday!

  1. I loved that so much, I posted it to my Facebook wall, Janet! A bit of awesomeness to start my day, and i may be chuckling inside all day long at the ending.

    No ctricissm here, just delight! ❤

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