Film Friday – Solomon Kane

Gary and I watched a film last night called Solomon Kane.  It’s another one of those films originally based on a comic like the 300 was.  It has that comic book styling to it and the over the top action.  Its about an evil man called Solomon Kane who does lots of bad things until he gets into a fight with the Devil who tells him his soul is damned.  He hides in a monastry but they sense the devil is getting close so they throw him out.  He eventually meets up with these good people but when most of them are slain by dark forces Solomon promises the father that he will rescue the daughter.  The father promises if he does this his soul will be redeemed.

I liked the film; admittedly it was violent in the very stylistic comic book way.  Its a straight good versus evil thing and most of the plot twists were quite guessable.  It didn’t hold out any particular surprises but if, like me, you love sword and sorcery stuff then you’ll probably like this.  The imagery of the film was quite lovely in places; lots of ravens or crows flying about, lots of rain and lots of cloaks twirling.  A good looking film.


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