An Exciting Evening!

A rather late post today but hubby and I have only just got back from a talk and question and answer session with the BAFTA award winning scriptwriter Bob Baker.  We know him through a mutual friend, the wonderfully talented film-maker and cameraman, Laurie Booth.  Laurie has worked with Bob for years but it was the first time I’ve actually met Bob myself.

Bob talked a lot about his past and writing episodes of Doctor Who, Shoestring and Bergerac amongst others and he co-write The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave with Nick Park.  He’s a very talented guy who’s had a really interesting life!

Laurie introduced Gary and I at the end and we shook hands; he has good manners too.  Just as well as I hate rude arrogant people.  Bob talked a lot about the writing process as well; stating how important it is to keep writing and keep putting your stuff out there.  He also said it helps him to treat it as a job; he starts work very early, at about 6a.m. and writes until about lunch time and then takes the afternoon off.  He said he thought it was useful to establish a regular time to write and stick to it.  To be effective you have to treat it like a job.

It was a good evening out and Gary and I both enjoyed it!




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