ROW80 Check-In 19/02/2012

Not a particularly good week.  I think there’s always a time in the middle of a novel where you just get fed up with it and I’ve reached that with Emily Swann.  It was probably a mistake to take a long break from it but I worked on it on Friday, actually did two and a half pages.  But did nothing on Thursday or Saturday.  I couldn’t even be bothered to open the document up!  I just didn’t feel like it.  I wonder if William Shakespeare ever doubted himself and wondered if what he was writing was crap?

I did finish all my exercises for my life coach Cathy Dean and outlined a new idea for another novel so I wasn’t all bad.  Did the two poems, diary and blog everyday stuff and I finally did part two of my Wiccan course.  Started this course last year and flew through the first lesson (no pun intended!) but thought ‘I’ll just take a short break over Christmas’ and it’s taken me until now to complete lesson two!  There are no deadlines for this course and no-one tells you off for late work; some people have been signed up for years and haven’t even done the first lesson!  But I would feel bad if I didn’t finish.

Talking of finishing, my goal is still to finish second draft of Emily Swann by St Patrick’s Day and finish the whole thing by 2nd of June (my birthday!)  Did finish reading A Game of Thrones by George R. Martin; was good but bloody depressing towards the end.  Almost all the best characters die or get terribly injured or suffer some sort of disaster.  It was so depressing I almost didn’t finish it; I had to force myself to read the end.

On the film front, Gary and I are planning to see “The Best Marigold Hotel” or whatever it’s called on Friday so I’ll review that afterwards and count it as one of my 50/50 challenges.  That’s all folks!


One thought on “ROW80 Check-In 19/02/2012

  1. Good on ya for finishing! Mr. Martin has made a career of doing unpopular things like the end of the first book in Game of Thrones. And while depressing keep in mind you are reading a retelling of the War of the Roses. It is quite an amazing series when you consider that.

    Keep up on your goal to finish Emily Swann! I think you are doing great there. I wish I would be done so quickly. Have a wonderful night!

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