Announcing Film Friday!

And today’s exciting news is…that every Friday I’m going to do a film review.  Instead of struggling to think of things to blog about I’m going to borrow a trick I’ve learned from other bloggers and allocate certain days for certain things.  So for the first film Friday I’m going to talk about a film that Gary and I watched on Wednesday (on TV) called Ecks vs Sever.  I can honestly say that this film was a load of old rubbish!  Despite the fact that it had Antonio Banderas and Lucy Lui in it; it was still dire!  The plot, such as it was, was basically the villain’s trying to get hold of some ultimate weapon and they have to stop him; yawn yawn.

There was nothing but a car chase, then a shoot out, then another car chase and another shoot out and so on and so on.  Halfway through I got so bored I started doing my sudoku puzzles and just watching the screen every now and then.  The su dukos were way more engrossing!  Gary and I both agreed it was rubbish!  My recommendation is…give this one a miss!


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