ROW80 Check-In 15/02/2012

Oh my God!  Is it Wednesday already?  What happened to Monday and Tuesday?  Some time thief has stolen them from me!  Well, I did a page and a half of Emily Swann on Tuesday but nothing on Sunday or Monday so that’s a bit of a failure.  Did do the blog, read two poems and write my diary every day.  Was stressing about the reading part of the 50/50 challenge.  You’re not really supposed to include any books you started last year but another ROWer, I think it was Fallon, said don’t fret too much about the rules so I decided to take her advice.  So I have included anything I’ve read in the last eight weeks and as usual, I have underestimated myself.  The list includes:

Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin

Regeneration by Pat Barker

Treasure Island by Robert Loius Stevenson

Plotting Simplified by Eddie Jones

Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald

Our Tempestuous Day by Carolly Erickson.

When I look at that list I’m actually quite proud of myself.  So the writing hasn’t been going that well and the film watching is a total loss, so far this year I’ve only seen two.  J. Edgar and Man on a Ledge (both excellent) but the reading is going apace.  It’s about an average of one a week which is exactly what I wanted.  And I’ve almost finished A Game of Thrones by George Martin as well.

The trouble with Emily Swann is the next scene I have to write is the most crucial scene in the whole book and I’m scared because I’m frightened of fluffing it.  I hesitated a lot over this scene in the first draft as well.  There’s a lot of action to describe in a short space of time; too much detail will slow it down but if I rattle through it too quickly it might turn out to be too much of a non-entity.  I’m dithering and I know it.

So goals for Sunday are to finish the exercises for my life coach Cathy Dean, write the crucial scene for Emily Swann and finish reading A Game of Thrones.  That should be enough to be getting on with.


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 15/02/2012

  1. Oh, you sound like me with the “film failure”… I’ve only watched one, and it’s because my husband put it on for me one evening while I was typing.

    Your book list looks good though. Though actually, from reading the 50/50/Me challenge, you -can- include books you were reading if you have over 75% of the book left to read. It’s right on the FAQ page.

  2. Sounds like you are doing very well. I hope that scene behaves for you. It can be irritating trying to find the ‘just right’ place in parts like that. But you will find it and it will rock. Keep up the good work!

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