Exercise is an eight letter word!

I notice that a lot of other ROWers include exercise amongst their goals.  I understand why they do it but I just ask that they don’t ask me to do the same.  I hate the idea of exercise!  I don’t mind getting out in the fresh air and I enjoy walking; I also enjoy dancing around my living room like a maniac.  I enjoy these things because they’re fun!  But exercise is not fun.  It is never fun.  Exercise has that dreaded ‘should’ quality to it which completely drives out any notion of fun.  I can thrash around the room playing air guitar to Led Zeppelin because that doesn’t feel like exercise.  But pounding on a treadmill is sooooo boring and it does feel very exercise-y and therefore terminally dull.

And the whole idea of going to a gym!  Stripping off down to my skinny white untoned bare limbs and having all the sleek, trim and toned people sneer at me!  Never!  And admitting that I don’t even know how to work the equipment!  Never that either!  Last time I saw exercise equipment, it looked like it could launch rockets to the moon!  I am not the most technical of people at the best of times and I’d need to do a masters in physics before I could figure out how to work some of that stuff!  So no, exercise is not for me!

4 thoughts on “Exercise is an eight letter word!

  1. You anticipate my upcoming Wednesday post, diet and exercise, which occurred to me this morning while walking the dog, a favorite time for both of us. Always enjoy your posts.

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