ROW80 Check-In 12/02/2012

Not the best week ever.  Have done the diary, read two poems and blogged every day but didn’t do a thing for Emily Swann.  I did say I was going to take a break but now wish I hadn’t because I found myself a)missing it and b)feeling guilty.  So next week will be throwing myself right back into it.  I reckon I’m about halfway to two thirds of the way through the second draft which is good.  Still a bit worried about what I see is a fairly slack bit in the middle but I’m going to wait until I get feedback from my trusted reader, otherwise known as lovely hubby before I do anything about that.

I find I worry about stuff but when people read it they don’t even notice what I’ve been fussing about and instead tend to pick up on different things altogether.  Plan to do three drafts before hubby see it.  I never let anyone see my first drafts.

Did start the exercises my life coach Cathy Dean gave me and even worked a bit on the screenplay outline I’m planning on doing for Script Frenzy part of NaNo in April.  Discovered from November’s try that I can’t write without an outline so I’m not making that mistake again.  Reading is progressing slowly as I have actually been watching quite a bit of telly this week, hope to do better on the reading by the next check-in.

Plan to finish the life coach exercises by next Sunday, finish second draft of Emily Swann by St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) and finish outline of screenplay by March 31st.


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