Drinking Tea.

I have a confession to make.  I’m a tea junkie!  My husband and I drink at least five to six cups of tea a day!  The only time I don’t drink tea is when I’m in the United States because the tea over there is revolting!  In the USA I drink coffee.  Gary like normal tea with sweeteners (Yuk!  I hate sweeteners!) and I have Earl Grey with milk and three sugars.  The colour of said cup of tea should be a sort of caramel brown.  I have to say that the worst cup of tea I’ve ever had was in a tea shop in Holland.  The waitress bought over this huge glass of hot water and a tiny little tea bag which, try as it might, had little effect on the copious amount of water.  It was like drinking a glass of hot water, there was no taste of tea at all!  This was in the gardens where you go to look at all the bulbs in the Spring.  It’s a world famous place but typically of me, I’ve forgotten the name of it.

My grandmother is the best tea maker is our family as she probably drinks even more tea than I do.  My mother and sister do their best but they are life long coffee drinkers and the tea they make is never quite right some how; although my sister makes the best cakes in the universe!  So if I ever come round to your house, don’t ask what I want.  It’ll be a cup of tea!



10 thoughts on “Drinking Tea.

  1. Fear not! You can get a good cuppa if you look the right places in California, should you choose to ever visit. Just don’t go to anyplace that says it’s a coffeeshop.
    My personal favourite is Twinning’s Prince of Wales looseleaf.

  2. The best (in the US) tea I’ve had is what my husband ordered for me from Ceylon direct. That said… I had a great time in England, when I was there (I live on tea and in well over 6 cups a day, usually unsweetened, but I do like my breakfast teas with milk and sugar).

    I think the tea in the US varies according to region. I can’t STAND the Southern idea of tea. And if you get to the older Northeast, you run the risk of dealing with puritanical influences that make tea too weak. But if you ever go to Montreal, there are some wonderful tea shops there.

    This is the company my husband ordered from. Nice Earl Grey, strong bergamot flavor. Their “English Breakfast” is rich too. But best are some of their specialty canister teas. http://www.dilmahtea.com/ You may get exactly what you want from there. And if you’re ever in the Capital Region of New York, drop me a line. I’d love to introduce you to our local tea shops.

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