My Dreams

These are not the sort of dreams I have at night because unfortunately I rarely remember the dreams I have when I’m asleep.  I’m talking about the dreams I have for the future.  There are three main parts of those and they are 1) to be a best selling writer 2) to live in a beautiful house 3) to have a lovely little baby.  Now if you’ve read my struggle with infertility you’ll know that number three is pretty unlikely but even the expert at the fertility clinic told us to keep trying because he said miracles can happen.  There is a fourth part which might be more or less far fetched, it is hard to tell, and that is to have a great big lottery win!

Thinking about these things cheers me up when I’m feeling a bit miserable and one of my favourite past-times on the net is looking at property and picking out my dream house.  I have found some truly wonderful places including a castle in Scotland and a sumptious place in Long Island, NYC that had its own helipad!  Some people might say its foolish to look at such places and sometimes it can depress me more but most of the time it doesn’t.  I really look forward to a time when I’ll have pretty much the life I want and I believe it will happen some day.  A girl can dream!


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