ROW80 Check-In 08/02/2012

A combination of progress and frustration for this check-in.  Still doing good on the reading two poems daily and blogging every day.  Forgot my diary one day but managed to write it up the next day so I didn’t miss any entires.  Completely bombed on the 750 words thing.  I know that a lot of people seem to be doing really well with that and I thought I should probably do it as well.  but to be honest it doesn’t work that well for me and I suspect I was just doing it because I thought I ought to rather than because I really wanted to.

And struggling with Emily Swann as well.  Have reached a stage where I’ve realised the plot in the middle is a bit saggy and dull with not a lot going on.  Because I was worrying how short it was in the first draft I’ve added a lot of stuff but most of it doesn’t really further the plot and I’m worried that I’m just padding it out to up the word count.  Now I don’t know whether to add more subplots to try and make things more exciting or to just stay with the main plot and go on with that action but if I do that I’ll have to jump forward in time a bit because only my main villain can forward the action at this point and he’s gone and injured himself.  So should I just jump forward to when he’s better or try to fill the intervening weeks with stuff to give some continuity of time?

Because of this problem I have written more of Emily Swann today.  It’s not skivving, honest!  I feel I just need some time to think about my options and decide what to do next. Have been doing a bit better with the reading but I have a habit of keeping opening new books and not finishing the ones I’m already reading.  Had to take one book back to the library as I renewed it three times and still hadn’t finished it.  I leave books lying around for too long and the pile of unfinished ones is turning into a mountain so one of my next goals is to not start another book until I’ve finished at least wo of the ones I’m reading!

haven’t watched any more films either.


2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 08/02/2012

  1. Aww… it’s okay! We still love you. 750words isn’t for everyone. I found a few things that don’t work for me as well. The important thing is that you find something that does work and stick with it. 😀

    Keep up the good work on the reading and good luck working out Emily Swann.

  2. Twitter. I try to get it – but I really don’t.

    My stories always get saggy in the middle – and, often, they then take off in entirely new directions!

    There was a challenge during NaNo to “Change One Thing”. Is there some little thing you can sift to forward the action without waiting for injuries to heal? Even something utterly outlandish, that shakes everything up?

    I hope the tangles work themselves out soon!

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