My Favourite Band

There are some things in life that are important; like love, family and Led Zeppelin.  They are just my favourite band.  The trouble with Zep is, to my mind, they have the habit of making a lot of other music sound insipid.  I enclosed two photos to make sure that every member of the band was included as a lot of people seem to think that bands begin and end with the lead vocalist or they might just squeeze in the lead guitarist as well.  I think that it’s mean to treat the rhythm section (and arguably the most important part of the band) that way.

As with everything we all have our favourites, even within bands and much though I love Bonzo and J.P. and Rob, it is Jimmy who is my main man.  He and I have more in common than he probably knows.  We both can’t swim and don’t drive.  We both have Scorpio Rising and the Moon in Cancer and we’re both practising Occultists.  Of course, Jimmy’s bank balance is, unfortunately, a lot larger than mine but I’m working on that.


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Band

  1. haha – what a great post! And I hope that your bank account someday matches Jimmy’s. 🙂
    Zeppelin rules!! They broek open so many doors for so many artists and the four of them, collectively, just own anything their tunes blaze across.

    Great post!

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