Blood Addiction

A bit of shameless plugging today, but come on; it’s not like I do it often.

 Blood Addiction

Chapter One

            I have always loved the night; it has a seductive quality to it that is unmistakeable.  The days are brash and uninteresting; full of boring people who do boring jobs they despise.  But at night the interesting people come out and start to party.  The days are about work but the nights are about having fun.  It’s like the difference between a Monday morning and a Saturday night; no contest.  That particular night I woke up slowly, I was warm and comfortable at first; I didn’t feel like moving except I started to feel a familiar hunger in my stomach which intensified quickly until it felt like I was being kicked in the gut.

I rolled over and got up.  I showered quickly just to get clean.  Sometimes I have long showers where I stand there for a while and just let the water roll over my body, it helps to remind me that I’m still part human but my hunger was so strong I was anxious to get outside quickly and feed.  I shaved and brushed my hair because it’s easier to hunt if you look good.  I’ve never bothered too much about clothes.  I figured that as long as I looked halfway decent and didn’t smell bad I’d be in with a chance.  I just pulled on T-shirt and jeans with a leather jacket on top.  I’m no fashion plate; I can’t be bothered with all that.  I know some people spend hours getting ready;   I’m too lazy to put that much effort into something that doesn’t seem that important.   My only thing when it comes to fashion is my cowboy boots; I always wear them.  When I was a kid one of the nicer foster homes I was in used to let me watch TV a lot and I loved the westerns.  The cowboys always seemed so heroic and brave; I wanted to be just like that.  Fat chance.  But that’s kid’s dreams for you.

Stepping outside there was a light drizzle falling making the sidewalk slippery and giving everything a shine like it had just been polished.  Wet leaves clogged the gutters causing small rivers to gush and gurgle as the overflow looked for somewhere to escape.  It was the kind of rain that soaked you through before you even really noticed it was falling.  The city ofNew Yorkshone like a wet neon diamond.  I crossed town on the subway because you never hunt in your own back yard.  Coming up into the cold air gave me goose bumps; either that or the thrill of the pursuit ahead, I wasn’t sure.  I looked in the window of a bar and there were a bunch of good looking women sat at a table laughing and joking.  They were like something out of Sex and the City.  Five pretty girls lined up in a row.  Perfect.  I walked in.

This is an extract from my first novel and if you want to read the rest you’ll have to buy it!  Click the link below to purchase.


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