My struggle with infertility.

A few years ago my lovely hubby and I agreed to try for a baby; after about a year of trying we’d still had no joy so we went to see a specialist.  He and I both got examined in a very thorough and slightly embarassing way and the results were not good news.  It turns out (without being too gynaecological about it) that my eggs don’t develop properly and basically drop out too soon making it impossible for me to ever get pregnant and have a baby.  Of course I was devastated when he told me but there was nothing I could do about it.  Gary and I were both terribly upset and disappointed.  I thought about adoption and fostering and stuff like that but to be honest the thought of the process you have to go through just put me off.  Besides I wanted to have my own baby.

It was shortly after that that we went to the dogs and cats home and got our cat Widget.  She was a bit of a consolation prize but I love her to bits anyway.  But I must say I truly admire all these women (and the men) who have kids and run a business or hold down a day job and write and look after a family at the same time.  From a time perspective, not having any kids gives me an advantage as a writer in that I have less distractions but it is an advantage I would gladly swap for the joy of having my own child.


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