One of my poems.

I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember.  When I was eight our school had a poetry competition and I won!  My last great literary success!  I wrote a lot of truly bad poetry in my teenage years, all of which I subsequently burned!  But I thought I’d bore/entertain you with one of my efforts.  This is a classic Shakespearian sonnet (in form, rather than in quality, unfortunately!).



I sit here waiting for the muse to rise

But my mind stays blank as any canvass

Yet unpainted.  It comes as no surprise

That epic dreams and visions do not pass

Across the dusty deserts of my brain.

An effort must be made to make life flow;

Without useful toil nothing can be gained.

If you desire to make your garden grow

Then water and hard work must be applied.

Inspiration does not strike as lightning,

Nor fall like rain as manna from on high;

Without exertion gifts come to nothing.

We all desire to write from our own hearts

But in the crafting; that is the real art.




10 thoughts on “One of my poems.

  1. Fixed verse can be one of the hardest things to write without coming off as trite and overdone. This piece was neither, just a smooth flow of thought and emotion.. I liked it.

  2. It is a habit I recognize-downing the work so that if no one likes it you will have already agreed. I understand because I have done it and maybe still do it on occasion. This is good poetry, nothing to be making excuses for. For yourself… Accept that you love to write and yes of course you would love for others to enjoy it but you must enjoy it first. If you have the perfectionist in you as I do, nothing ever seems good enough. I now tell my perfectionist to go sit on it! LOL! I allow myself to make mistakes in my creations because I love to create and there is no way to get around making mistakes if we want to get better at creating. I know that was a mouthful. 😀 I purposely allow my mistakes now, I don’t always correct them. I tell myself it is good enough, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Open your heart and read this poem again, then give yourself a big fat star because you created this. You did!

    Thank you for sharing your work. Thank you for leaving comments on my blog. Thank you for being you.


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