My Past Life Regression

Went to a psychic fair in Glastonbury today and did a past life regression.  I have never done anything like that before so I was a little bit scared but it was one of the easiest and most natural things I’ve ever done.  Enjoyed it tremendously too and definitely want to do it again.

I discovered that in a past life I was a man who was a farmer in Norfolk!  I was quite fat and very hairy!  My childhood was a bit miserable because my mother had a lot of children and she didn’t really have any time for me which is possibly why I hate being ignored!  But I had a really happy marriage but after my wife died at least one of my family, my son, turned against me.  What is strange is that my son in that life is now my best friend in this life!  I died of something to do with my lungs, possibly pneumonia.

It was all very interesting and not at all difficult.  The woman who does the sessions is really nice and approachable.  Her surname is Diamond and her first name is either Elizabeth or Anne; I’m so rubbish at remembering people’s names!


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