Irritating postmen and the saga of the clock radio alarm.

Last night before I went to bed I put a notice on our front door saying ‘Please put any parcels in the green box’.  There’s a big green recycling box next to our front door and as well as putting our old newspapers in it, we use it as a postal drop when we’re out.  I was expecting delivery of my new clock radio (more on that later) which is why I put the notice up.  I’m not a morning person and never have been so I figured the postman wouldn’t need to ring the bell and wake me up, he could just stick the parcel in the box.  Simples, as they say in that meerkat ad.

Twenty past eight in the morning (!) and the doorbell rings; thinking it must be something that needs signing for I leap (yes really) out of bed, rush downstairs and answer the door.  It’s the postie with my clock radio, which did not need signing for.  I was so irritated I nearly swore at him, something along the lines of ‘can’t you fucking read?’ but just stopped myself.  Stomped back to bed but of course, couldn’t get back to sleep.

Now the saga of the clock radio.  My old clock radio (and it was old!) was broken.  The tuning kept slipping on the radio so that you’d set it at night to wake you up with some music and the tuning would slip in the night so that you ended up being woken up by an earful of static first thing in the morning!  Not good.  So I ordered a new one on Amazon.  About a week later Amazon e-mailed me to say that the clock radio I’d ordered was out of stock and furthermore, would never be in stock.  I e-mailed them straight back asking for a refund and after another week I’d heard nothing so I gave up, went to Currys and bought a new radio alarm clock.  When I got back from Currys there was an e-mail waiting for me on my computer to say the clock radio from Amazon had been shipped!  I couldn’t believe it!

So I went back to Currys and returned the clock radio I’d bought, they were fine about that, no quibbling or anything.  Then Wednesday we went out briefly for about half an hour and of course, while we were out they tried to deliver the clock radio, couldn’t and so took it back to the depot.  Wonderful Gary, the greatest husband in the world, went online to get them to re-deliver on Friday, which they did but at twenty past eight in the morning!  Grrrrr!  Still at least I have the thing!


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