The Year of the Dragon

Today is Chinese New Year and it is now the Year of the Dragon.  Dragons are supposed to bring prosperity and success so let’s hope that’s true.  If you were born under the sign of the Dragon then you will be proud and clever but a bit of a show off.  Dragon’s have a lot of vitality and enthusiam (inner fire), they like to hang tough but they’re really very sentimental inside.

Quoting from my February edition of Prediction it says “Dragon years are packed full of dramatic activity making them exceptionally memorable.  Dragon years are believed to be the year of good fortune and luck.  Many will consider moving house, getting married, having their first baby or making some other significant life change at this time.  Tradition suggests it is also a good year to start a business.”


2 thoughts on “The Year of the Dragon

  1. I was a 1976 Dragon, I definitely exude the traits you describe, a proud, clever show off sums me up well and I do have lots of vitality and enthusiasm too, as for hanging tough but being sentimental yup got those down to a ‘t’ as well! lol combine that with being a fiery Sagittarius with a love of adventure and travel and you can see that it all fits me like a glove! 🙂

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