No Disabled at the Odeon Bristol

I forgot to mention it because I am forgetful and things do slip my mind but last year some time, not long before Christmas Gary and I went to see a film at the Odeon Bristol in Union Street in Broadmead.  Gary is disabled; he can walk but not far and he struggles to manage stairs, so I went up to a member of staff at the Odeon and asked if they had any disabled access.  He just replied “No.”  He didn’t apologise and say anything like “I’m sorry but we don’t” he just said “no.”  And he said it while looking at me as if I was completely stupid for asking.  I probably should have kicked off and demanded to see the manager and so on but I am British and we’re brought up not to make a fuss.  So Gary had to struggle up two flights of stairs to see the film and struggle down again afterwards.

I can’t believe that any cinema could be so unhelpful!  Apart from anything else, I thought it was against EU regulations to have no disabled access whatsoever.  And that they had the nerve to be rude about it as well just adds insult to injury.  Both Gary and I have agreed never to go back to that cinema again.  So if you’re disabled and live in Bristol, don’t bother going to the Odeon in Union Street because they don’t give a stuff about you!


2 thoughts on “No Disabled at the Odeon Bristol

  1. You need to write to them and complain. To the cinema and the company. If you can remember the member of staff’s name or description include that as well.

  2. tweeted. I’m pretty sure this is not allowed any more, like you say there are regulations and the disability Act! disgraceful! :/

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