Why Music on the Internet Shouldn’t Be Free

I know there are people out there (who I call idiots) who think all music on the net should be free but I think that is a ridiculous idea!  When you call a plumber round to your house to unblock your drains, you can’t just decide not to pay him.  If you have a meal in a restaurant and decide to walk out without paying, the owners will call the police!  The restaurant and the plumber have provided you with a service that you are expected to pay for.  They don’t work for free.  So why anyone thinks that musicians should work for free is beyond me!  Regardless of whether they’re Jimmy Page or Joe Bloggs, the principle is the same.  I realise that Jimmy could probably afford to work for free but why should he?  Would any of these people who are moaning about free music on the net agree to work for free?  I doubt it!

There will be those who say that it is freedom of expression and they should be able to download music for free (pirate copies) because of that.  But pirating people’s work is nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with ripping people off!  You can legally copy a film or album if you are only backing it up for personal use but if you try to sell them then you are breaking the law!  Being a musician can be a hard life with life on the road amongst other hardships.  There is no way that they should put up with all that and not even get paid.  That’s just stupid and unfair.


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