ROW80 Check-In 15/01/2012

Have done reasonably well since last Wednesday; managed to read a poem every day, managed to keep a diary every day as well.  Did at least one page of editing of Emily Swann on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday was touch and go though as I started quite late, sat at my desk and didn’t feel like doing any work at all, but told myself off (as I do!), saying to myself “It’s only one page!” and so in the end got it done.

Have been very successful so far in the blogging everyday thing.  Quite pleased with myself about that.  Finished reading “Knots and Crosses” by Ian Rankin as part of my 50/50 challenge.  Gary wants to see the film about J. Edgar Hoover so we’ll probably be seeing that next week or the week after.  Also managed to take some photographs; plan to do more photography this year  if I can fit it in.  Took about five photos yesterday and about sixty five today.  Will put some of this blog if they come out okay.  Haven’t got round to downloading them yet.

Didn’t think I’d done a lot but typing it all up made me realise I’d done more than I thought!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 15/01/2012

  1. That is always the best bit of the week, typing up your goals and achievements and realising you did way more than you thought you had! Great week, well done! 😀

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to realize you’ve done more than you thought you had? I’m glad you got some of the sunshine too. Have a great couple of days. =)

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