Very annoying morning!

Was lying in our bed this morning, cuddled up nice and warm with my lovely hubby next to me when I heard the doorbell; thinking it might be something urgent I flung my dressing gown on and raced downstairs to be greeted by the sight of two black women trying to shove a pamphlet in my hand!  Bloody Jehovah’s Witnesses!  If I’d known it was them I wouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed.  They completely spoiled my Saturday morning lie-in.  Went upstairs and was in the process of telling Gary all about it when the doorbell rang again.  This time, I thought, it must be the postman with a package or something like that, so down I raced again.  I couldn’t believe it when I opened the door and it was two more Jehovah’s Witnesses!  This time I was a bit sharp when I shut the door; not rude because I don’t believe in being rude if I can help it but a very stern “no, thank you”.

We have the bad luck where we live to have a Jehovah’s Witnesses Temple or whatever they call their place of worship, just a few streets away and we regularly get plagued by them but twice in one morning!  That’s taking the piss!  If they come again I shall build a Wicker Man in the back garden and put them in it!


4 thoughts on “Very annoying morning!

  1. A long time ago, I know of someone who told Witnesses “If I see you agian, I’ll throw a bucket of water at you”. They came back the next week and so he did. They didn’t bother after that: On a slightly friendlier note, if you politely but firmly say that you’re not interested and never will be, they will mark you off as a “Do not call again” – you may get a visit once in every five years or so, in case the house occupancy changes but that should be it.

  2. Ohh what crap! I have nothing against people following their own religion but I don’t approve of them trying to force it on others – if I had a religion I certainly wouldn’t! and unfortunately Jehovahs Witnesses seem to be the worst for doing it. I am not very polite to them when they knock my door at the best of times but if they got me out of bed once, not even twice I would have been far ruder than you were I know that much, they would not have liked the language and abuse coming from my mouth – and I am usually a very tolerant person! lol
    …or worse I might have invited them in, locked the door and put them through my own version of verbal torture until they were begging to leave *evil cackle* hehehehe – No one gets away with disturbing my sleep without a VERY good reason!! 😉

  3. As a teen in rural area, I often rode horses with a friend. Once, we were stopped on the roadside by Jehovah’s Witnesses, one of whom got in front of my friend’s horse and took hold of the bridle.

    Neither of us were particularly good at defending our rights. We ended up praying horseback, while the horses dropped and nodded their heads, too….

    A very surreal experience.

    They don’t come to our house, ever….wonder if that has anything to do with the pit bull mix in residence? 😉

    Let’s not tell them he’s very friendly! =D

  4. We got rid of some purely by accident. My husband is a horror movie junkie and he answered the door wearing a shirt that read “The power of Christ compels you,” a line from the Exorcism ritual in the original Exorcist film. I think they thought he was a fanatical Christian. They had been knocking once a month and we haven’t seen them since at least August.

    Of course, we also accidentally permanently alienated of one of our new neighbors the same way, when they came over with a plate of welcome cookies . . .

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