Today is Friday the Thirteenth which is supposed to be very unlucky.  Surprisingly for someone who is chronically superstitious, it doesn’t bother me.  Probably because it is mainly a Christain superstition and I’m not Christain.  (I have nothing against Christians.)  But Friday is unlucky because it was the day Jesus was crucified and thirteen is unlucky because Jesus was betrayed by Judas who was seen as being the thirteenth disciple.

My religion is Wiccan and thirteen is actually a lucky number to us.  In the Tarot deck the thirteenth card is the Death card but this is nothing to be afraid of because what the Death card really means is transformation; the death of the old life and the beginning of a new and better one.  It often brings a pleasant change of circumstances.  And in numerology (the occult power of numbers) thirteen is linked to the number four because if you add one and three, you get four.  Four is linked to the earth and stability and the Zodiac sign of Taurus.  It is the number of work and getting things done; this can be seen as boring but it is also progressive.

2 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. Frifay is a wonderful day … it’s my birthday! That is, it;s the day of the week I was born on. I’d recommend everyone to find out the day they were born on (just Google “perpetual calendar”) and to celebrate themselves every week on that day.

    Interestingly, what you say about Friday 13th being a “4” is also highly relevant to me. I’m a Taurus and those “earthy” qualities are very much a part of me. So, I realise that Friday 13th is at least technically a very special “birthday” for me. And indeed, it has been a most refreshing, even transforming, day.

    In future, when all around me tremble, I shall relish every Friday 13th! Thanks for highlighting it’s significance.

    Steve S

    PS Bruce Muzik IS a musician. He had a No.1 hit in his native South Africa

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