Writing and motivation

Some days (rarely, I must admit) I race to the typewriter and can’t wait to get started on my writing but more often than not I sit at the computer and think of all the things I’d rather do and then tell myself off for a bit and finally get on with it.  And some days I don’t even do that; I just sit around like an Apathetic Annie and do sweet FA!  Of course, then I hate myself afterwards for being lazy and useless and then I get depressed and so I do nothing again.  I go in fits and spurts with my writing depending on my mood and lately I’ve been doing nothing again.

I have, since mid December last year, edited about thirty pages so that’s not too bad but I always think I should have done more.  I literally threw away my first chapter because when I read it back I realised it was slower than a snail on valium!  I have expanded the sub-plots a bit as well because in the first draft I just went with the main story line and although I think that’s obviously important, I feel the sub-plots add texture and depth to the whole thing.  My research threw up difficulties because I was writing about naval contracts in 1816, only to find that they didn’t really have naval contracts in those days and ship’s pursers bought supplies individually for each ship which made a difference to my plot and meant I had to re-write a lot of the beginning.  Sometimes research can be a nuisance as well as a blessing.


2 thoughts on “Writing and motivation

  1. Ooh, rewrite based on research details! Sounds both depressing and yet… kind of cool. Imagine all the possible twists you might be able to add based on this new information. Secret stashes… Collusion…. Personal vendettas…

  2. I don’t call it laziness. I call it composting. When disparate elements are coming together and turning garbage into thick, fertile, black dirt! =)

    Then, i get in there and get my hands and mind dirty…….

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