ROW80 Check-In 11/01/2012

Oh dear, not a good week.  On Monday we went to see a film which turned out to be crap; on Tuesday the phone engineer told us that the phone cable in our street is faulty and wouldn’t be fixed for another two weeks and today we spent two hours waiting to see a doctor to get Gary’s prescription and when we finally got to the pharmacy they didn’t have his eye drops at all so they will have to order them in and he won’t get them till Monday.  And I did not write or edit a single word of Emily Swann in the last three days!

Have managed the daily blogging and got back into reading a poem every day and have done my diary every day.  And ROwers, please don’t even mention the word ‘exercise’ to me because I am supposed to be doing it but have not managed even five minutes worth this year!  I didn’t even put it as one of my goals because I knew it was a lost cause before I even started!  Respect to everyone who’s doing their share of exercise.  So far it’s been a very frustrating week and I’m not feeling at my best.  never mind, hopefully it will be better next check-in.


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