ROW80 Check-In 11/01/2012

Not having a good week!  We went to see a film on Monday and it turned out to be crap and then on Tuesday the phone engineer came and told us that our line was faulty and they’d have to dig up the road to fix it and that would take about two weeks.  Went to the doctors today to get Gary’s prescription and had to wait over two hours and then the pharmacy didn’t have it and will have to order it in and it won’t be there till Monday.  Just wrote up this post and when I clicked publish it said the site was having technical problems and I lost the whole thing and am now having to type it all over again so I am not best pleased to put it mildly!

And I have not written or edited a single word of Emily Swann in three days!  Did manage to read a poem a day and write my diary every day and blog every day so it hasn’t been a total dead loss.  But now I am pissed off and don’t feel like doing anything but slumping in front of the telly and watching Midsomer Murders so that’s my itinerary for this evening!


6 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 11/01/2012

  1. You need to go beat something up! Go running, scream in the basement, or something. If all else fails, do the pissy pick up – whip through the house resentfully putting things away by slamming them into their proper location. It feels good and the house gets cleaned.
    Hope you week gets better!

  2. I’m with Lynette, you need to go scream somewhere for a while! I hate it when technology goes awry–I lost several replies to comments on my blog yesterday due to a server error–grr!!

    Sometimes you have to let the well replenish itself, so don’t be too hard on yourself about the writing. It’ll come back.

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