Gary and I went to see a film last night.  It was a version of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes.  It was one of these free previews that we get invited to because Gary, very cleverly, has got onto some internet mailing list.  So far it has been the only film we have ever walked out on; it was dreadful!  The dizzying handheld camera work made me feel so sick I had to stare at the carpet to avoid throwing up!  The film was far too loud, which admittedly is probably the fault of the cinema but it gave Gary a headache.  He doesn’t like Shakespeare much at the best of times.  I was disappointed because I’d been looking forward to it and I normally love Shakespeare but being unable to watch the screen for fear of heaving completely spoiled the experience for me.  Not one I would recommend I’m afraid.


3 thoughts on “Coriolanus

  1. Thanks for the heads up – I saw a trailer for this while at the cinema last night to see The Iron Lady, and I was interested in seeing it – but I think I’ll wait for it to come to DVD as I have had to leave the cinema immensely motion sick due to dodgy handheld camera work before! Don’t want to suffer that again!

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