On the subject of reading…

I have heard that a lot of people read one book at a time but they are obviously not me.  Gary comments on the number of half read books I have lying about the house and he is constantly amazed at how I can switch from one to the other but its just something I’ve always done so I don’t find it odd.  Perhaps its because I’m a Gemini and we’re supposed to have butterfly minds and be able to flit from one thing to another with ease.  But I thought some of you might be interested in what I’m reading at the moment.

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

A Small Dog Saved My Life by Bel Mooney

Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin

Our Tempestuous Day by Carolly Erickson

The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West

Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain

This list is not exhaustive either.  They may be a few lying around that I’ve started and forgotten about; that happens a lot.  But reading is essential to me, books, magazines, newspapers and sauce bottle ingredients if there’s nothing else around.  I have always read and can’t imagine not doing it.  I can’t understand people who don’t read and worse still, who brag about having never read a book!  What a stupid thing to brag about!  If I was stupid enough to have never read a book I’d want to keep it quiet!

I don’t understand people who say they don’t have time to read either; do they never wait for anything?  Okay Gary doesn’t read many books nowadays but he devours the newspapers everyday and always takes a book on long journeys and holidays.

Reading is so easy and so interesting and can take you to different planets and different worlds; you can learn so much so cheaply and easily.  You don’t even have to buy the books; that’s what libraries are for!  So let’s hear it for the pleasure of reading; hip hip hooray!


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