ROW Check-In 08/01/2012

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag; didn’t work on Emily Swann at all until yesterday and then edited five whole pages!  Now all I have to do is motivate myself to do that everyday and I might get the damn thing finished!  Completely forgot to do my diary on Friday and Saturday night so had to make up for it the following morning.  The problem with that is that I struggle to remember anything if I write my diary the following day.  Didn’t read a single poem on Saturday either, completely forgot about it.  Did read two on Friday though.

I never seem to get everything; I do one thing only to forget something else.  The tasks I’ve set myself are not that hard.  1) Blog everyday 2) Write diary everyday 3) Read one poem a day 4) Work on Emily Swann everyday.

Going to change number four to edit four pages of Emily Swann everyday.  I tend to do better with a proper target.  When it’s just to work on something I tend to open the document, look at it and then close it again and then kid myself that that was work!

So I made some progress but not enough in my opinion.


9 thoughts on “ROW Check-In 08/01/2012

  1. woo hoo on the 5 pages edited – I’m sure Emily Swann will be ready in no time at that rate 😀
    progress is progress, I think the after holidays slump is still holding us all back a little at the moment – soon you will be on form and it will be full speed ahead! 🙂

  2. I so get you on the mixed bag comment. If I soar in one area, it always seems several others don’t even get off the ground. I know it’s hard, but be proud of the things you accomplish and keep working on the ones that are falling behind.

    Good luck this week. Hope you soar in several areas. 😉

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