I do not share your opinions…

Voltaire once said “I do not share your opinions but I will defend to the death your right to have them.”

Opinions are funny old things; we all hold different ones about different things.  Personally I don’t expect anyone to agree with mine and its a bonus if they do.  But I’ve been watching some of the fuss about the upcoming American elections and I am amazed and dismayed by how vitriolic it has all become.  There seems to be so much hatred and intolerance in American politics nowadays and I find that a bit sad.

Of course there are some opinions, such as racism, anti-semitism and nazism amongst others, that I hate but most opinions I can put up with even if I don’t agree.  We don’t have to be tree-hugging hippies to put up with each other.  You don’t have to love everybody, nobody does but I can’t help thinking that it really would be a better world if we could all at least tolerate each other.  And put up with other people’s opinions too?


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