Treasure Island

Aar Jim lad!  Don’t worry it’s just me being silly (again)!  Just finished reading Treasure Island; it was very good, not the most exciting read ever but still good.  Its an exciting adventure about pirates and buried treasure as I’m sure you all know.  Its much darker than the Disney film which is a good thing.  Robert Louis Stevenson gave us the prototype of pirates with parrots on their shoulders and buried treasure, pieces of eight and all other sundry details like that.  I shall now be able to watch it on TV and say ‘that didn’t happen in the book’ or words to that effect.  I always feel guilty about the number of so called classic books that I haven’t read so I regularly try to make up for it but with all the historical books I read for my research and for fun plus trying to keep up to date with contemporary fiction and classic plus contemporary poetry I’d need to be in bed for a year with a fractured pelvis or something like that to read everything I wanted.


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