My evolution as a writer.

I compare my evolution as a writer to the life cycle of a butterfly.  When I was a teenager I was a secret writer.  Like a butterfly egg underneath a leaf in the depths of a wood or jungle I scribbled away in total obscurity because I never showed my work to anyone.  MI6 never had such levels of secrecy!  Sadly I was in my thirties before I got to the caterpillar stage and actually started showing my work to a very select group of people.  Getting a computer and getting linked up to the internet was a pivotal stage in my development as it led to me posting my work on line.  Like many beginning writers I was desperately thin-skinned and bad reviews invariably put me off posting on certain sites again.  Without the encouragement and continual support of my lovely gorgeous sexy husband Gary,I would have given up completely.

Another stage of my development that has been pivotal has been signing up for ROW80.  I feel I’ve reached the pupae stage now.  Regularly putting my work out there and receiving feedback from a regular (or irregular!) group of writers has upped my confidence no end.  For the first time I feel part of something as a writer and it’s a nice feeling.  No make that, a great feeling!  My evolution from private to public writer is coming along nicely; now all I have to do is develop those wings and learn to fly!


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