ROW80 Check-In 04/01/2012

So far I have made a bit of progress but not much on Emily Swann.  The truth is that I hate the editing process sooo much that I find it really hard going.  It’s not like doing a first draft which despite my moaning is actually a joy to me.  I could write first drafts forever.  But having to pick over them feels like dissecting a corpse to me or pulling the wings of flies.  It seems so uncreative and clinical that I just hate it!  I know its silly but its just how I feel.  I edit a paragraph and then give up because I feel I’ve had enough already.  At this rate I’ll be ninety by the time I finish Emily Swann!

Have managed to read a poem a day; did that easily.  Have blogged everyday as well which is good.

Things I forgot to mention were: 1) commenting and 2) photography.  When I first got into this blogging thing I was terribly shy and never commented because I thought no-one would be interested in what I had to say.  Have since had this proved to be untrue.  Now I try to comment a lot and I always try to say positive stuff.  I’m sure we’ve all had enough waspish sarcastic comments to last us a life-time; I know I have.

Also I definitely want to do more photography this year.  If I take some good ones I might even post them on this blog.  I enjoy photography a lot and did a photography course years ago but since then I just don’t seem to do it except when I’m on holiday so I plan to change that.


5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 04/01/2012

  1. We could almost trade, Janet. In recent years, I’ve become so obsessed with “getting things right” (a curse of having a best friend since I was four [I’m now 42] who was an English whiz, I guess) that I have lost a lot of my ability to just write freely and am almost an editing whiz. And it is fun, but I I can also see what you mean about it being like picking at a corpse.

    Maybe look at it as flower arrangements? You’re taking something lovely, from a lovely place (a field or a florist’s shop or a greenhouse and arranging it so that it is highlighted, not torn apart, not destroyed. With the help of your editing skills you prepare this flower so that it stands out, catches the eye and makes people go “oh, how lovely”.

    The flower analogy came to mind (apropos to your goals too) because I’ve recently been going over pictures I’d taken of flowers, learning how to crop them for the best focus.

    Good luck to you. =)

  2. I used to be comment shy too – I’m kind of a nutjob (obviously) so I assumed it would be best not to bother. Trying to get past that and and be a bit less of an introvert. Thanks again on the # help and for stopping by!

  3. I’ve made photography part of my ROW, too….

    I try to look at editing more like sculpting – then I can feel a little more creative while I do it. I also tend to like adding detail and subplots and sensory details in later drafts – it helps to make the cutting and fixing a little less odious to me.

    I do it in short bursts, and try to have something else I’m reading or writing, to give myself a break from the editing.

    I don’t know if these comments will be any help to you. I’m feeling a little shy about sharing, too.

    Going to bravely hit send with my best wishes for smooth editing……

  4. Great check-in. I’m sure the editing will come into a life of it’s own eventually 🙂
    I think we are all a little comment shy initially, it gets easier with time! I guess the same applies just to even writing the blog posts as well – until others are responding, following commenting and liking the fear that no-one cares what we have to say can be unnerving!
    Go for it with the photography – it is a full-on feature of my goals now! i think a few others have started to add in a little photography in their goals too! 😀

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