The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, the answer is …research!  For a historian like myself research is one of the most absorbing and interesting things it’s possible to do.  The novel I’m writing, entitled Emily Swann, is set in the Regency period and has sparked off a lot of research.  For things I don’t know much about and the Regency period used to qualify, I start on the Internet.  The net is good for an overview but you have to, as ever, be very careful about where the information comes from.

Then I go to the books; still,for my money, one of the best sources around.  And in the spring Gary and I are going to Portsmouth (where the book is set) and I have just been in communication with one of the librarians at the Naval Museum in Portsmouth and she said I can go up there and look at their archives!  I find this immensely exciting!  Gary and I will obviously look round the museum as well.  He enjoys the research almost as much as I do.  I will probably look round the Victory again but Gary would find that difficult as nineteenth century ships are not known for their disabled access.  It’s a bit of a shame because if he could get round I’m sure he’d enjoy it.

I’ve still got lots of research to do.  I’m going to go to the Jane Austen Museum and the Fashion Museum (both in Bath) and probably the American Museum (just outside Bath) as well.  I’m lucky I live in Bath which has such a wealth of Regency stuff for me to look at.  Good luck to anyone else whose involved in research!


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