ROW80 – Next Round

Well here I am; a brand new year and a brand new ROW.  ROW stands for a Round Of Words and it is the writing goal that knows you have a life.  As it’s the 1st of January 2012 it seems the right time to talk about goals and ambitions.  First I’m going to explain the difference.  Goals, to me, are things I can achieve by myself whereas ambitions are things I need other people’s help with.

So for 2012 my ambitions are :

Get an agent.

Get one of my books published by a mainstream publisher.

Get 100 subscribers to my blog.

My goals for 2012 are:

To write every day.

To finish editing my novel and have the final draft ready for my birthday on June 2nd.

To write in my diary every day.

To do the 50/50 challenge of reading fifty books and watching fifty films in 2012.

To read one poem a day.

To blog everyday.

All of these goals and ambitions are subject to change at a moment’s notice of course but we’ll see how we go for now.


5 thoughts on “ROW80 – Next Round

  1. Aspirational goals. Forward progress is the most important thing and you are sure to achieve quite a bit with the goals (and ambitions) you have. All the best for the coming round 🙂

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